Dynarex Lubricating Jelly Water Soluble 3g

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Product Description:

Dynarex Dynalube Lubricating Jelly is a water soluble gel that provides lubrication for hinged instruments. It facilitates smooth articulation of sliding surfaces and delicate instruments. The Dynarex 1250 Dyna Lube Individual Jelly packets ensure water easily sheets off instruments to eliminate streaking and spotting while leaving them dry. The Dynarex 1254 Flip Top Lubricating Jelly Tube protects internal parts and is designed to lubricate body orifices and allow for smooth entry of therapeutic and diagnostic medical utensils. It is latex free and available in 2.7 g packets or 4 oz. flip top tubes.

Specifications and More Data:

Manufacturer Dynarex
Mfg Item (Reorder) 1250

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