Curaplex® IV Admin Set, 15 Drop, 89in, Roll Clamp, PP Y-site, Sr-Lk NeedleFree, Attach Ext Set

MEDHealth ChoiceSKU: ER-1200

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Product Description:

Curaplex’s line of administration I.V. sets are designed to improve safety and infection prevention for both caregivers and patients.


Curaplex IV Admin Set features:

  • Pre-Pierced Y-Site
  • AMSafe® Needle-Free Y-Site
  • With preattached 6in ext
  • 1 split septum injection
  • Rotating Male Luer Lock
  • DEHP-free
  • Latex-free
  • Sterile
  • 15 Drop
  • Priming Volume: 17.5mL
  • Length: 89 inches

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