Ezer 20 Diopter Lens

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Product Description:


Ezer EDL-20D Diagnostic Lens; optimized aspheric design with small holding ring for precise Indirect Ophthalmoscopy. Thanks to their tremendous versatility, the 20D lens is perhaps one of the most popular lenses used in ophthalmic today. These lenses allow practitioners to obtain a wide field of view in almost any situation. The EDL-20D by Ezer offers all of the benefits you look for in a 20D lens plus specialized, optical qualities only found in the most high-end diagnostic lenses. The lens is made of high-transmittance glass to achieve distortion-free, bright, clear images across the entire field. Whether at the slit lamp or with a headband BIO, users will benefit immensely from the computer optimized aspheric design of the EDL-20D.


Specifications and More Data:


Manufacturer: Ezer


Mfg Item (Reorder): EDL-20D



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