Volk® Pan Retinal® 2.2

MEDHealth ChoiceSKU: OL-1017

Color: Black
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Product Description:

This lens is a great choice for those who prefer a wider field of view during general diagnosis. With a magnification only slightly lesser than that of a 20D, this lens is an easy transition to obtain a wider field of view which allows a quicker diagnosis procedure. The field of view through this lens allows clear visualization up to the mid peripheral region and the peripheral retina upon dynamic examination for easy access to examine and determine peripheral retinal tears, hemorrhages and other defects.

 Field of View
Image Magnification Laser Spot Magnification Working Distance
56° / 73° 2.68x 0.37x 40 mm


Specifications and More Data:


Manufacturer: Volk


Mfg Item (Reorder): Pan Retinal® 2.2

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