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Product Description:

The 30D lens provides a wide field of view up to the equator on static BIO examination and up to the peripheral retina upon dynamic examination. This lens can be used to get through small pupils for patients who do not prefer or accommodate dilation and as a result is a popular choice for doctors who attend to pediatric patients. The small profile of the lens allows quick and easy examination enhancing patient comfort and cooperation. Can be used for examination and diagnosis of peripheral retinal defects such as tears and detachments as well as neovascularization. The 30D is also available in a smaller ring size (30D small) as an option to practitioners who prefer an even more reduced size for easier manipulation around the orbit.


 Field of View
Image Magnification Laser Spot Magnification Working Distance
58° / 75° 2.15x 0.47x 30 mm


Specifications and More Data:


Manufacturer: Volk


Mfg Item (Reorder): 30D

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